Summary of Findings - Smart Catchment Demonstration: Long-term deployment of sensor monitoring system (DEPLOY)

STRIVE Report 82

Summary: Authors: Fiona Regan, Antóin Lawlor, Brendan O’Flynn and John Wallace. Lead Organisation: Dublin City University.

Published: 2011

Pages: 2

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The DEPLOY project is a successful technology demonstration, showcasing how state of the art technology can be used to achieve continuous, real-time monitoring of a river catchment. The project involved the collection of in situ environmental data over a period of 12 months from a network of stations located in the River Lee Catchment, in Co. Cork. DEPLOY has demonstrated that this technology can be used to track fluctuations in a number of water quality parameters such as temperature, dissolved oxygen and pH across a catchment. This in turn has demonstrated the benefits of this approach over more traditional means of monitoring which is likely to miss much of the temporal variability associated with these parameters. This technology demonstration of a truly heterogeneous water quality monitoring networked system is one of the first of its kind in Ireland and shows how data can be collected from a number of locations and viewed in real or near real time.

The Final Report is available for download here.