Sustainable Logistics: Towards the Development of Environmentally Conscious Supply Chains

Final Report for the ERTDI-funded project: 2005-ET-MS-45-M3

Summary: STRIVE Report 32 - Paul Ryan et al.


Published: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-84095-313-8

Pages: 58

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The study of the impact of supply chains on the environment is a relatively new and a rapidly growing area. The ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ supply chain is an approach which seeks to minimise a product’s ecological footprint. Within green/sustainable supply chains there are five distinct themes:

  1. Green design: An approach to reduce a product’s environmental impact throughout its complete life cycle through the design of the product.
  2. Green sourcing: The inclusion of environmental factors in the decision-making process when sourcing products.
  3. Green manufacturing: Reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing function.
  4. Green logistics: Targeted at transport, warehousing, inventory management and distribution function in the supply chain.
  5. Reverse logistics: Represents all operations related to the reuse/disposal of products and materials.

From the above description of green supply chains it can be seen that it is an extremely broad area of study. This study focuses on one aspect, green or sustainable logistics.

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