BOGLAND: Sustainable Management of Peatlands in Ireland-Final Report

Final report from the ERTDI project: 2004-CD-P1

Summary: STRIVE 75, Florence Renou-Wilson, Tom Bolger, Craig Bullock, Frank Convery, Jim Curry, Shane Ward, David Wilson, Christoph Müller, epa environmental protection agency, Sustainable Management of Peatlands in Ireland-Final Report, BOGLAND,

strive 75

Published: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-84095-400-5

Pages: 177

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Peatlands are Ireland’s last great area of wilderness, hovering between land and water, providing unusual habitats for their unique and specialist flora and fauna. Peatlands cover a large part of the land surface in the Republic of Ireland, occurring as raised bogs, blanket bogs and fens, and forming cultural landscape icons in many parts of the country. The BOGLAND project was funded as part of the Sustainable Development Research Programme of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reveal the global significance of this national resource and the dilemmas of peatland management, utilisation and conservation.

The report clearly identifies the vital role that peatlands play in key areas such as climate change and biodiversity. It concludes by recognising the need for increased protection of this valuable resource and makes recommendations for the development of a national peatland strategy.

High resolution print file for final report can be downloaded here.