Quantification of Erosion and Phosphorus Release from a Peat Soil Forest Catchment

STRIVE Report 8 - M. Rodgers et al.

Summary: Final report for the ERTDI-funded project 2000-LS-3.2.4-M2

Published: 2008

ISBN: 1-84095-268-7

Pages: 45

Filesize: 840 KB

Format: pdf


The effects of clearfelling and harvesting lodgepole pine trees on the quality of receiving waters in a productive salmonid blanket peat catchment in Burrishoole, Co. Mayo, were investigated in this research study. The blanket peat catchment is representative of a large percentage of areas in the western part of Ireland and of upland areas throughout Ireland. The research was carried out in the context of examining and making recommendations on the Irish Forest Service Forestry and Water Quality Guidelines.

In summary, the Forest Service guidelines provide good guidance for sustainable forestry. The results demonstrate that the current guidelines and measures implemented in the catchment were effective at protecting water quality. Further detailed studies should be carried out to:

  • provide quantitative data on the removal of solids and nutrients in buffer zones, dilution effects and erodibility indices for Irish soils;
  • further develop P loss models;
  • identify the fate of exported material and nutrients; and
  • identify the concentrations of water physico–chemical parameters that are important for stream organisms.

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