Assessment and Monitoring of Ocean Noise in Irish Waters

Assessment of Indicator 11.1.1 – Register of Impulsive Noise from Seismic Surveys

Summary: STRIVE Interim Report 96 - Joanne O’Brien, Suzanne Beck, Simon Berrow and Ian O’Connor

Published: 2012

ISBN: 978-1-84095-461-6

Pages: 28

Filesize: 1,512 KB

Format: pdf


The Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) has developed criteria under Descriptor 11 Noise to define, identify and quantify anthropogenic sound sources, encompassing both low and mid frequency impulsive sound (Indicator 11.1.1) and low frequency continuous sound (Indicator 11.2.1). This report is part of a project on the assessment and monitoring of ocean noise in Irish waters, addressing both Indicators and is a key delivery on behalf of Ireland meeting obligations under MSFD. Indicator 11.1.1 addresses noise sources from seismic surveys, sonar, pile driving, acoustic deterrents and the use of explosives. Seismic surveying is the primary technique used in the search for oil and natural gas reserves and is a major sound source of concern when assessing low and mid frequency impulsive sound in Irish waters.

The high resolution print version Interim Report is available to download here.