Ireland’s National Allocation Plan 2008–2012

As Notified to the Commission

Summary: The National Allocation Plan for the trading period, which will indicate what proportion of national greenhouse gas emissions will be assigned to emissions trading, and how the portion assigned to emissions trading will be distributed among those covered by the scheme.

Published: 2006


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Executive Summary

The European Union (EU) and its Member States are signatories to the Kyoto Protocol, which requires reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases by specific amounts over the period from 2008 to 2012 and beyond. The EU committed to an average reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 8% below 1990 levels for the then 15 Member States. Similar reductions are required for the 10 new Member States. Decision 2002/358/EC apportioned this 8% reduction among the 15 and requires Ireland to limit the growth in emissions for the period 2008-2012 to 13% above base year emissions. The EU Emissions Trading Directive (Directive 2003/87/EC) has been implemented to assist in achieving these targets. The Directive establishes an EU wide allowance-trading scheme to promote reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, in particular carbon dioxide, initially for a pilot phase 2005-2007, and continuing into the first Kyoto phase 2008-2012.The Directive has been transposed into Irish law by the European Communities (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading) Regulations 2004 (S.I. 437 of 2004)1 under which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been assigned responsibility for its implementation in Ireland.