National Allocation Methodology 2005–2007

Summary: The methodology for allocating greenhouse gas emission allowances. The Environmental Protection Agency will allocate a maximum of 66,960,000 allowances for the three-year pilot phase (2005-07) of the European Union’s emissions trading scheme.

Published: 2004


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Executive Summary

This document outlines the basis on which allocations of greenhouse gas emission allowances to individual entities pursuant to Directive 2003/87/EC will be made. It has been prepared on the basis of the National Allocation Plan (NAP) submitted to the European Commission on 31/03/2004, including the response to questions issued by the Commission on 14/05/2004 and amendments made to the NAP on 30/06/2004 and 06/07/2004. This National Allocation Plan was approved by the European Commission under Decision C/2004/2515/5 of 07/07/2004 and published for public comment on 30/09/2004, as required by Article 11 of Directive 2003/87/EC.

Following assessment of the submissions received the methodology below represents the basis on which allocations will be made to individual participants in the EU emissions trading scheme. This methodology has been accepted by the Commission as being in accordance with their Decision of 07/07/2004.