Environmental Attitudes And Behaviour: Values, Actions And Waste Management

Final report - Davies et al

Summary: Findings of the research project Environmental Attitudes and Behaviour: Values, Actions and Waste Management

Published: 2005


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Executive Summary

Recent high levels of economic growth and consumption have led to increasing pressures on the environment in Ireland. The growing volume of waste being produced is a particularly visible manifestation of these processes.

As a consequence the effective management of waste in Ireland has become increasingly important for policy-makers and householders (Davies, 2003). Surveys of public opinion identify a population concerned about the quality of the environment including waste, but few people take actions that would help to protect or enhance their environment (see Drury Research 2000, 2003).

These surveys have included indicators such as levels of recycling, but there has been no in-depth analysis of attitudes towards and behaviour in relation to waste management more broadly. This report is a synthesis of the findings of the research project 'Environmental attitudes and behaviour: values, actions and waste management' that sought to address this gap in research.