Reporting Requirements

Year Title
2012 AER/PRTR Guidance Document No.1: Principles of PRTR and AER Reporting of Annual Environmental Information Version 3.0
Reporting requirements for licensed and non-licensed facilities
2012 AER/PRTR Guidance Document No. 2: Step-by-Step Guide Ver 3.0 January 2012
Summary of the three reporting tasks for AER/PRTR for EPA-Licensed facilities
2011 AER/PRTR Guidance Document No.2a: Step-by-Step guide Non EPA Licence Ver 2.0 February 2011
Step-by-step guide to AER/PRTR reporting for non-EPA licensed facilities
2012 AER/PRTR Guidance Document No. 7: Requirements for Contact Details for Enforcement Purposes
Principles of providing contact details for enforcement purposes