Our purpose, vision, values and behaviours

Our purpose 

To protect, improve and restore our environment through regulation, scientific knowledge and working with others.

Our vision

We live sustainably in a healthy environment that is valued and protected by all.

Values and behaviours


We hold ourselves to high standards in our interactions and work.

  • I take responsibility for my work and am accountable for my decisions.
  • I listen to others and respect diversity of views.

We act with integrity as an independent leader and advocate for our environment.

  • I base my decisions on the best available evidence and facts.
  • I am honest and transparent in my interactions with others.
Customer and stakeholder focussed

We actively listen to and understand our customers and stakeholders to design and deliver excellent services.

  • I take account of our customers’ and stakeholders’ perspectives in everything I do.
  • I work to deliver public value and our vision.

We work together and with others to protect our environment and health.

  • I work with others to deliver better outcomes.
  • I share my time, resources and knowledge to support my colleagues.

We innovate and adapt to deliver our vision and strategy.

  • I try new ideas to improve how I do my work, knowing that I won’t always get it right.
  • I support and champion innovation to deliver on our vision.