Greening the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a statutory body responsible for protecting the environment recognises that we also have a key role to play as an environmental champion. The EPA are committed to leading by example and incorporate good environmental management and practice into our everyday activities. We have implemented and continue to maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS), certified to the international standard ISO14001 since 2010. Using this standard, we strive to continually reduce our own environmental impact and in doing so prevent pollution and encourage environmental awareness within our own organisation. 

Since 2010, the work of our dedicated Green Teams with the support of Organisational Services, EPA Senior management and staff has managed to deliver:

  • a 50% reduction in energy demand since 2006 and achievement of the 2020 government efficiency target.
  • a 54% reduction in water usage and
  • a 17% reduction in municipal waste and 23% reduction in mixed recyclables in an eight-year period.

The Green Government initiative introduced in January 2019, identified that Government Departments and Public Bodies have an opportunity to lead the way in reducing generation of single use plastics and waste. This decision requires the public service to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development and use its influence to persuade others of the changes required to reduce our impact on the environment. As part of this initiative, the EPA submit ongoing assessments of our own environmental performance to the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications.


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