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Greening the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a statutory body responsible for protecting the environment. Our strong ethos for protecting the environment is brought through into our activities. In carrying out our role, we aim to minimise the environmental impact of our own activities to achieve continual environmental improvement, prevent pollution, measure and reduce our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and encourage environmental awareness within our organisation.

We implemented and continue to maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS), certified to the international standard ISO14001:2015 since 2010. In addition, we control and monitor hazardous waste in our laboratories using ISO 17025:2017. This systematic approach along with the dedicated work of the EPA’s Green Teams, in measuring and reviewing our environmental impacts has delivered solid progress, especially in reducing our energy and water usage.

We have embedded climate action as a central value within our organisation focusing on continuous actions that deliver real improvement. The work of our dedicated Green Teams with the support of the Facilities Management and Sustainability team, EPA Senior management and staff has managed to deliver:

  • a 54% reduction in energy demand since 2006 and achievement of the 2020 government efficiency target.
  • Total GHG emissions arising from our activities in 2022 were 1,141.89 tCO2e, 37% lower than the average base period emissions for 2016-2018 (1,827 tCO2e) with a   
  • a 54% reduction in water usage, and
  • a 17% reduction in municipal waste and 23% reduction in mixed recyclables in an eight-year period.


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