Environmental Management In The Extractive Industry

Summary: These guidelines on environmental management in the extractive industry are intended to complement existing guidance and assist operators, regulatory authorities and the general public.

Published: 2006

ISBN: 1-84095-189-3

Pages: 40

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Executive Summary

These EPA guidelines on Environmental Management in the Extractive Industry are intended to complement existing national guidance and be of assistance to operators, regulatory authorities, and the general public. They are also complemented by a sister EPA publication Environmental Management in the Extractive Industry – Guidelines for Regulators.   The guidelines provide general advice and guidance in relation to environmental issues to practitioners involved in the regulation, planning, design, development, operation and restoration of quarry developments and ancillary facilities.

These environmental management guidelines represent a summary of current environmental management practices for quarries and ancillary facilities (including manufacturing of concrete and bituminous mixes/asphalt products, and processing of dimension stone). They are based on a review of current environmental management practice in Ireland, the UK and Europe.  Under each of the key environmental issues, good environmental practice is summarised together with recommendations for the use of environmental management systems (EMSs), and emission limit values (ELVs), where appropriate.