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The EPA funds environmental research through the 2014-2020 EPA Research Strategy, which follows on from the Science, Research, Technology and innovation for the Environment (STRIVE) Programme 2007-2013, and the previous Environmental Research, Technological Development and Innovation (ERTDI) Programme 2000-2006. 

The 2014-2020 EPA Research Strategy will build on existing strengths and experiences across a very broad range of activities in support of environmental policy development and implementation.

Research is funded in nine broad areas and available research reports are published here.  The nine research areas are:

Research Reports released in 2015

Below you will find a list of research reports that were released in 2015:

PillarReport NumberReport TitleFirst Author & AffiliationAdditional Notes
Water Research 163 Saltmarsh Angiosperm Assessment Tool for Ireland (SMAATIE)-Practitioners Manual F M Devaney (BEC Consultants Ltd)  
Sustainability Research 160 Investigation of Novel Technologies and New Procedures for Environmental Enforcement Aidan McDermott (NUIM)  
Climate  Research 159 Ensemble of Regional Climate Model Projections for Ireland Paul Nolan (UCD)  
Sustainability Research 158 Assessment of Particulate Air Pollution and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons associated with Solid Fuel Usage in  Four Towns in Ireland Patrick Goodman (DIT)   
Sustainability Research 157 Developing and Assessing Alternatives in Strategic Environmental Assessment Ainhoa González (UCD)   
Sustainability Research 156 Visualisation and quantification of the interaction of fluorescent nanoparticles with ecotoxicologically relevant species Louise Rocks (UCD)   
Water Research 155 Public Engagement on Water Quality Issues  Mark Boyden (Stream Scapes)   
Sustainability Research 154 PALM: A Personal Activity-Location Model of Exposure to Air Pollution Brian Broderick (TCD)  
Sustainability Research 153 Identifying the Biological and Geographical Origins of Faecal Contamination Wim G Meijer (UCD)  Also relevant to Water
Sustainability Research 152 Cryptosporidiosis: Human, animal and environmental interface Theo de Waal (UCD)  Also relevant to Water
Sustainability Research 151 CapE-Capture, Extract, Amplify:  A Rapid Method for Monitoring Large Water Volumes for Pathogenic Contaminants Dearbháile Morris (NUIG) Also relevant to Water
Water Research 150 Assessment of exposure to metallic nanoparticles (NPs), focusing on silver (AgNPs) on marine and fresh water model organisms at a cellular and genetic level Stephen Cunningham (NUIG)   
Climate  Research 149 (Part II) Improved Emissions Inventories for NOx and Particulate Matter from Transport and Small Scale Combustion Installations in Ireland (ETASCI) Stephen Morrin (UCD)  
Climate  Research 148 (Part I) Improved emission inventories for NOx and particulate matter, from transport and small combustion installations in Ireland (ETASCI) William J Smith (UCD)  
Climate  Research 147 Modelling air quality, climate change and volcanic ash Damien Martin (NUIG)  
Sustainability Research 146 A Review of Design and Construction Waste Management Practices on Selected Case Studies – Lessons Learned Mark Kelly (GMIT) Research 146 Design out Waste Factsheets
Water Research 145 Development of a pulsed light approach as a novel solution in drinking water treatment Mary Garvey (Athlone IT)  
Water Research 144 The Protection of Water Resources: Developing Novel Sensor Materials Bernadette Alcock-Earley (NUIM)  
Water Research 143 Pharmaceuticals in the Irish Aquatic Environment Brian Quinn (GMIT)  
Water Research 142 Pharmaceuticals in the Aquatic Environment: A Short Summary of Current Knowledge and the Potential Impacts on Aquatic Biota and Humans Gillian McEneff (Kings College London)  
Climate Research 141 Carbon Loss from Drained Organic Soils under Grassland – CALISTO Florence Renou-Wilson (UCD)  
Climate  Research 140 Quantifying the costs and benefits associated with climate change risks and adaptation Craig Bullock (UCD)   
Sustainability Research 138 CONSENSUS: Consumption, Environment and Sustainability Anna R Davies (TCD)  
Sustainability Research 137 Towards Developing a Cryptosporidium Monitoring Protocol Theo De Waal (UCD)   
Climate  Research 136 Development of Methodologies and Modelling for Accounting Greenhouse Gases and Organic Carbon Stocks in Agricultural Soils of Ireland Mohammad I Khalil (UCD)   

Small-scale Studies

The EPA also publishes occasional reports from STRIVE small-scale studies. These are available to view here.

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