Water Joint Programming Initiative

2014 EPA National Information Day on Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 5

Summary: 2014 EPA National Information Day on Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 5: Presentation from Enrique Playan(MINECCO)

Published: 2014


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The Joint Programming Initiative “Water Challenges for a Changing World” was endorsed by the European Council in 2010. Today, this initiative counts with nineteen partner countries and five observer countries. It aims at tackling the ambitious grand challenge of “Achieving Sustainable Water Systems for a Sustainable Economy in Europe and Abroad”. Horizon 2020 and Joint Programming Initiatives are key tools for European Research and Innovation. While Horizon 2020 is a Programme directly funded by the European Commission, Joint Programming Initiatives coordinate the variety of national (and sometimes regional) programmes dealing with a specific societal challenge. In this presentation, the relation between Horizon 2020 and the Water JPI will be discussed in the light of Societal Challenge 5. The Water JPI has established a dialogue with Horizon 2020 on thematic priorities. The European Commission is a partner of the Water JPI and regularly attends its management meetings. The Water JPI is represented at the Advisory Group on Horizon 2020 and in the European Innovation Partnership on Water. In addition, Horizon 2020 has been funding the development of the Water JPI since 2013. A Coordination and Support Action (WatEUr) is currently on-going, and an ERA-NET Cofund will start early in 2015. An additional ERA-NET Cofund could be operative early in 2016. These bidirectional connections help define priorities in Europe, exploiting synergies among funding programmes and avoiding duplications of efforts. In the years to come, it is expected that researchers and technologists will find relevant funding opportunities in the Water JPI. This will lead to a strong coordination of the European National funding programmes for water.