Emissions Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

The European Commission’s Climate Change Committee has approved amendments to the existing Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines (MRG).  The guidelines were published in the Official Journal of the European Commission on 23 April 2009.

The monitoring & reporting guidelines are available for download below

MRG 2009

but need to be read in conjunction with the general MRG 

MRG 2007

Reporting and Verification

Submission of Annual Emission Plans (AEM Plan) and Annual Emissions Reports (AEM Report) for Aviation can now only be done through the EPA’s ETSWAP website. This is a website established for the purposes of facilitating the electronic submission of certain applications, information, plans and reports by Aircraft Operators and Verifiers.

All Operator’s who have approved plans, are on the current Commission List and for whom the EPA has an email address have been invited to log on to ETSWAP. If you have not been invited please contact help.ets@epa.ie.

Operators are required to submit to the EPA no later than 31 March 2012 a verified Annual Emissions Report for flights in 2011.

How to Find an Accredited Verifier:

The European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) is hosting a list of links to all national accreditation bodies (NABs). They in turn publish lists with accredited verifiers.

http://www.european-accreditation.org/information/national accreditation-bodies-having-been-successfully-peer-evaluated-by-ea

Note that you may choose verifiers accredited in any EU Member State. You can only contract a verifier whose scope of accreditation covers the activities of your installation. As the responsible National Accreditation Body can withdraw or suspend accreditation or reduce the accreditation scope you must check if the verifier's accreditation and scope is valid for the period of the required verification.

Operators are required to submit a plan to monitor emissions (AEM Plan) to the Environmental Protection Agency as the appropriate competent authority for approval.

In 2010 and 2011, operators must monitor their emissions in accordance with their approved emissions plan and then submit a verified report of those emissions to the regulator by 31 March 2011. Carbon dioxide emissions are calculated from fuel usage for each flight by multiplying by the appropriate emission factor for the fuel type. Further detail on the methodology can be found in the above-mentioned guidelines.

While monitoring of emissions and annual reports are required in respect of all covered flights in 2010 and 2011 no surrender of allowances to cover these emissions is required. Monitoring of annual emissions for these two years prior to the trading period gives an opportunity to gather data and experience of the use of the MRG and the business of verification of emissions for the aviation sector.