What is the Union Registry?

The Union Registry is like an online banking system which holds accounts for the stationary and aircraft operators regulated under the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS). Instead of holding money, the Union Registry accounts hold carbon allowances.

The Union Registry system covers all countries participating in the EU ETS. Each country has their own section or part on the Union Registry.

The Union Registry records:

  • Union Registry account holders
  • Transactions performed by the account holders
  • Carbon allowances that have been allocated to stationary operators and aircraft operators
  • Carbon allowances surrendered by these operators to cover their Annual Verified Emissions (VE)

Anyone can see the public elements of this information on the European Union Transaction Log (EUTL) European Union Transaction Log (EUTL).

If you have an account you can access Ireland's section on the Union Registry.

Find out more about the Union Registry on the website of the European Commission.