Medium Combustion Plant Registration

The  European Union (Medium Combustion Plant) Regulations 2017 were signed into law in December 2017. Their purpose is to limit emissions to atmosphere from boilers and other stationary combustion plants in the 1-50 MWTH (thermal input) range. It covers all fuel types. The Regulations transpose the Medium Combustion Plant (MCP) Directive (EU 2015/2193) which was adopted in 2015.

The regulations limit the level of emissions allowable from Medium Combustion Plants (MCP). New MCP will need to meet specified Emission Limit Values (ELVs) from 20th December 2018, while operators of existing MCPs will not be required to meet specified ELVs until 2025 at the earliest. This will assist in limiting the impact on human health, vegetation and biodiversity which can be caused by air pollution.

For summary information on the Regulations, and what they require of MCP operators, and of the EPA, please see our FAQs. For operators of MCP which are within the scope of the Regulations it is advised to read the Regulations in full so as to fully understand its requirements.

Registration System

Under the MCP Regulations the EPA is required to establish and maintain a register of all MCP that come within the scope of the Regulations, unless the MCP is located on an installation controlled by an IED or IPC licence from the EPA. MCP which are not located on an IED or IPC licensed installation will need to be registered, in accordance with the dates specified in the Regulations.

If you are proposing to operate an MCP for the first time on or after 20th December 2018, it is especially important that you understand the different requirements that apply to ‘new’ versus ‘existing’ MCP in the Regulations, please read our FAQs.

The Registration Process

In order to register an MCP, operators must complete the form below, for each plant that is to be registered. On receipt of all the required information, the Agency will register the MCP and issue a Certificate of Registration to the operator. This certifies that the MCP is registered, and also sets out the ELVs or other requirements of the Regulations that apply to the operation of the MCP, such as the various exemptions, derogations, and variations from the prescribed ELVs.

  1. Download the MCP Registration Form
  2. Once completed, the registration form should be emailed to, along with any other required documents.

MCP Register

View the MCP Register. This register contains the key information relating to MCP.

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