Petrol storage and distribution (VOC permits)

Petrol storage installations involved in the loading of petrol into, or unloading of petrol from, mobile containers are required to apply for a permit.

The EPA oversees regulations to control volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions resulting from petrol storage and distribution terminals, by issuing VOC permits under the Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992 (Control of volatile organic compound emissions resulting from the storage of petrol and its distribution) Regulations, 1997 S.I. No. 374 of 1997.

Application process

When applying to the EPA for a VOC permit, you must satisfy a number of legislative requirements.

Permit holders must implement various measures to prevent and reduce emissions, such as the use of reflective paint, floating roof seals, and vapour recovery.

The permit also details specifications for bottom loading, vapour collection and overfill protection equipment, as well as emission limit values and monitoring requirements for vapour recovery equipment.

Larger installations, with a throughput of over 25,000 tonnes a year, have been permitted since 31st December 2001.

Installations with throughput under 25,000 tonnes were required to apply for a permit by 31 June 2004 and were required to comply with the regulations by 31 December 2004.

Public participation

The licensing system is open and transparent. The public has access to the application documentation.

The licensing process allows for written submissions and objections by anyone, as well as the provision of an oral hearing of objections.

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