EPA Biodiversity Action Plan 2014-2018

Summary: The EPA’s over-riding priority in the EPA Strategic Plan 2013-2015, Working with others for a better environment, is to “keep the environment centre-stage and support sustainable economic recovery”. One of the six environmental goals set forth in that plan is to have ‘protected soil and biodiversity’. Sustainable economic performance and biodiversity are closely linked.

Published: 2017

Pages: 69

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Ireland is currently implementing its second National Biodiversity Plan which sets the following overarching target: “ That biodiversity loss and degradation of ecosystems are reduced by 2016 and progress is made towards substantial recovery by 2020”. The Agency participates in the national working group overseeing the implementation of that plan as well as producing this plan in support of it.

In implementing our core statutory functions, the EPA therefore seek to ensure that biodiversity is considered and protected in the performance of our duties. In addition, we will continue to promote the integration of biodiversity considerations in sectoral plans, programmes and policies through our interaction with key sectors such as agriculture, forestry, water, energy, land use and the research community.

The actions contained in this plan demonstrate that a wide range of significant actions will continue to be undertaken by the EPA, in association with key partners, with the overall objective of protecting Ireland’s biodiversity. We will review our performance against the actions during the life time of the plan and will, where necessary, incorporate new actions to further the on-going protection of our natural capital.