Guidance Note on Landfill Flare and Engine Management and Monitoring (AG7)

Guidance Note AG7

Summary: Landfill Flare and Engine Management and Monitoring (AG7)

Published: 2013

Pages: 64

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The Environmental Protection Agency has developed this Air Guidance Note (AG7) to assist waste licensed sites in the management and monitoring of landfill gas flares and engines emissions.  It is designed to provide the relevant knowledge and guidance to licensees and their emission monitoring contractors.


The essential points of this guidance document relate to landfill gas production and composition along with the main components of a flare and landfill gas engine.  It includes recommendations on parameters; frequency and associated emission limit values for both continuous and non-continuous monitoring programmes. It further explores the difficulties in undertaking monitoring of flares and engines emissions and the specific health and safety considerations which the licensee and monitoring contractors should take cognisance of.  Also included are sampling and monitoring methods to ensure a consistent and transparent procedure for measuring emissions from flares and engines across all sites and standardised reporting requirements for emission monitoring data and compliance assessments to the EPA.