Report on the implementation of Directive 1999/13/EC on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds due to the use of organic solvents in certain activities and installations in Ireland

Report for the period January 2011 to December 2013

Summary: This report details Ireland’s responses to the questions contained in the European Commission’s questionnaire on the implementation of Directive 1999/13/EC as set out in Commission Decision 2010/681/EC for the reporting period 1st January 2011 – 31st December 2013. This is the 4th report on the implementation of the Directive.

Published: 2014

Pages: 32

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Format: pdf


The national legislation that originally implemented the solvents Directive in Ireland was replaced during this reporting period by the European Union (Installations and Activities Using Organic Solvents) Regulations 2012. For local authority regulated installations, these Regulations replace the previous Accredited Inspection Contractor (AIC) Scheme with Approved Assessors now being appointed by the EPA. Certification via the Local Authorities (LAs) still takes place as before.