Recovery of Air Conditioning System Fluids from ELVs at Authorised Treatment Facilities and Metal Shredder Sites

Guidance on removal of Air Conditioning Gases at ATF & Waste shredder Sites

Summary: Guidance on removal of Air Conditioning Gases at ATF & Waste shredder Sites

Published: 2023

Pages: 10

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  • Version 2 of this guidance note (November 2023) has altered the List of Wastes (LoW) codes for air conditioning (AC) fluids so as to align with EC Waste Classification Technical Guidance 2018/C 124/01 . This directs that LoW code 14 06 01* should be used for waste refrigerants (i.e. waste AC fluids) removed from ELVs.
  • A further revision of this guidance will be required towards the end of 2024 after the introduction of proposed new ODS and F-Gas regulations.
  • Many vehicles contain air conditioning (AC) systems which are filled with special air conditioning system fluids. These can also be referred to as AC gases or refrigerants.
  • If air conditioning fluids escape to the environment, they can result in environmental harm.
  • The End-of-Life Vehicle Regulations requires that air conditioning system fluids must be transferred from End-of-Life Vehicles into gas cylinders for subsequent appropriate treatment as part of the vehicle’s depollution process. This regulation is enforced by Local Authorities.
  • Most air conditioning fluids are additionally subject to regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency under the F-Gas Regulation and the ODS Regulation.
  • The deliberate release of F-Gas and ODS AC fluids to the environment is illegal.
  • This guidance note describes the controls required to properly remove air conditioning system fluids from ELVs and their subsequent management.