Environmental Protection Agency Investigation into ESB Networks Fluid Filled Underground Electricity Cable Leaks

Summary: epa report on losses of fluid from underground ESB Networks electricity cables

Published: 2020

ISBN: 978-1-84095-1

Pages: 106

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The EPA became aware of losses of fluid from underground ESB Networks electricity cables in May 2019 following receipt of enquiries from RTE. The EPA received a letter from ESB Networks, 27th May 2019, which briefly outlined the extent of the underground fluid filled cables, insulating fluid, leaks associated with the cables, questions regarding reporting obligations to the EPA and a request for a meeting. The EPA announced that it would investigate the fluid filled cables leaks. EPA engaged with Waterways Ireland, Dublin City Council and Commission for Regulation of Utilities in June 2019. On the 11th June 2019 EPA met with ESB Networks where they agreed to prepare a report addressing the extent and nature of fluid filled cables; the type of fluids used and their classification; the maintenance and monitoring of cables for leaks; action and procedures for when a leak is detected (identification of leak, reporting, impact assessment, repair, mitigation (time frame)) as well as the extent of the leaks and the reporting to regulatory bodies that ESB Networks had undertaken with regard to the leaks.