PRTR pollutant thresholds

E-PRTR pollutants and their relevant thresholds above which they are reportable to Europe, March 2014

Year: 2014

Each PRTR facility releases pollutants or transfers waste off-site which exceed specific thresholds set out in Article 5 of the E-PRTR Regulation. These thresholds for releases of pollutants are specified for each media - air, water and land - in Annex II of the E-PRTR Regulation.

E-PRTR capacity thresholds

Facility capacity thresholds above which they are reportable to PRTR, March 2014

Year: 2014

Facility capacity thresholds above which they are reportable to PRTR

Environmental Liabilities Risk Assessment spreadsheet

Year: 2012

Excel spreadsheet for Urban Waste Water Treatment Plants for Enviornmental Liabilities Risk Assessment

Environmental Liability Regulations Guidance Document

Year: 2011

Guidance document for operators, regulatory authorities and the public in relation to the Environmental Liability Directive and the European Communites (Environmental Liability) Regulation 2008, (Statutory Instrument 547 of 2008) and Act

Sector-Specific PRTR Guidance Document: Emissions and Waste Transfers Reporting Guidance for the Waste Sector

Year: 2011

Guidance for completing the PRTR for facilities within the Waste Sector

PRTR Quarries Guidance V2.0 February 2011.pdf

Year: 2011

Guidance for the Quarrying Sector in compiling and reporting information for the Purposes of the PRTR Regulations

Focus on Environmental Enforcement in Ireland - A report for the year 2006 - 2008

Focus on Environmental Enforcement in Ireland - A report for the year 2006 - 2008

Year: 2009

It assesses Ireland’s enforcement of environmental standards and highlights the challenges we face as a country in complying fully with European requirements for air, water and waste. To purchase a copy of this report (€25), please contact the EPA Publications Office by telephone on 053-9160600 or email

Quarries Emission Calculation Toolset V2.1

Year: 2009

This is the Sector Specific Releases Calculation tool for the Quarry Sector

EPR Intensive Agriculture Emissions Calculation Tool

Year: 2009

Calculation tool to assist in calculating emissions from Pig and Poultry Units for EPR.

European Commission Guidance Document for the Implementation of the E-PRTR

Year: 2006

This document is more relevant to non-EPA licensed industry sectors but will be of interest to licensed sites as well. Please note, however, that in the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the EU Guidance Document and the requirements of your licence, the requirements of your licence shall be followed. Also, please be careful to take the widest interpretation of the guidance in relation to your facility.