Air Quality in Ireland 2018

Key Indicators of Ambient Air Quality.

Summary: Summary of ambient air quality in 2018 based on concentration measurements of particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, heavy metals, ozone, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and benzene.

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Published: 2019

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Air Quality :: Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland

Air quality in Ireland in 2018

           Key Findings

  • Levels at monitoring sites in Ireland were below the EU legislative limit values in 2018.
  • Ireland was above World Health Organization (WHO) air quality guideline value levels at a number of monitoring sites for fine particulate matter, ozone and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).
  • Ireland was above the European Environment Agency reference level for PAH, a toxic chemical, at four monitoring sites.

          Problem pollutants

  • Particulate matter from burning of solid fuel.
  • Nitrogen dioxide from transport emissions in urban areas.
  • Indications that we will exceed EU limit values for NO2 in the near future.

    To tackle the problem of particulate matter we should:

  • Move towards clean ways of heating our homes.
  • Improve energy efficiency of homes.

    To reduce the impact of NO2 we can:

  • Implement the transport options in the government’s Climate Strategy.
  • Individuals should consider their transport choices.