Final Report Of Expert Group For Silvermines County Tipperary: Lead And Other Relevant Metals

Summary: Cattle deaths from lead poisoning in 1999 on a farm in Silvermines, Co Tipperary, triggered a comprehensive investigation. This report presents the expert group’s final recommendations for guideline values for lead in the environment and provids guidance on human health, animal health and the environment. The report also set out additional work and research needs.

Published: 2004

ISBN: 1-84095-128-1

Pages: 68

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Executive Summary

The Expert Group for Silvermines, County Tipperary, was established in June 2001 as a result of a recommendation contained in the Inter Agency Group Report of the investigation into the presence and influence of lead in the Silvermines area of County Tipperary.

The recommendation specified that an Expert Group, to include international experts, be established to formulate guidelines applicable to Ireland on the management of lead in the environment.

An interim report was published in April 2002 by the Environmental Protection Agency, which chairs the Expert Group, entitled Expert Group on Lead in Silvermines County Tipperary. During the course of its work, the Expert Group recognised the need to consider guideline values and guidance in relation to other relevant metals associated with lead in the Silvermines area. The metals, which were considered and discussed during the course of the group’s deliberations, were lead, cadmium, arsenic, zinc, copper and mercury.

This final report of the Expert Group presents the overall findings and recommendations of the group in relation to these metals.