Report Of The Investigation Into The Presence Of Lead And Other Heavy Metals In The Tynagh Mines Area, Co Galway

Summary: Report by EPA on an investigation of the Tynagh Mine site including recommendations in relation to ongoing management of the site. The report does not deal with the ultimate remediation and rehabilitation of the site.

Published: 2003

ISBN: 1-84095-125-7

Pages: 41

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Land :: Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland

Executive Summary

In response to local health and environmental concerns and recent site development works, Galway County Council established the Tynagh Mines Liaison Group in October 2002 to deal with environmental concerns in relation to the mine site.

The purpose of the group was to facilitate the exchange of information and the promotion of best practice in the Tynagh area, which has high levels of naturally occurring metals and a previous mining history and to apply this information and best practice to protect human health, animal health and the environment.

The EPA was represented on the liaision group and organised a site investigation and prepared this investigation report.