Developing and Assessing Alternatives in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Summary: Alternatives are fundamental to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process. This research report makes recommendations for how to incorporate good practice when considering alternatives in the plan and SEA making process. It also sets out a methodology for how to develop and assess alternatives when carrying out SEA.

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Published: 2015

ISBN: 978-1-84095-603-0

Pages: 68

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Alternatives are fundamental to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and are required to be considered under the SEA Directive ( Directive 2001/42/EC). Consideration of alternatives in SEA provides the opportunity to identify and explore different ways to deliver a plan's or programmes's objectives while addressing environmental issues. In order to improve this aspect of the SEA process, this research report reviews current practice, both nationally and internationally, makes recommendations for good practice and sets out a methodology for the development and consideration of alternatives in SEA.


See also Research 157: MOLAND Lite - Land use modelling for SEA alternatives development and assessment