Review of Effectiveness of SEA in Ireland - Executive Summary

Summary: This document summarises the key findings and recommendations of the 'Review of Effectiveness of SEA in Ireland' main report.

Published: 2012

ISBN: 978-1-84095-459-3

Pages: 20

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Format: pdf


This Review has considered how SEA has been implemented in Ireland since its introduction in 2004. It is clear from the Review that SEA is fulfilling its role and is providing a vital tool for environmental protection in Ireland. SEA ensures that environmental considerations are taken into account in policy development and implementation, and is raising the profile of environmental issues in decision-making at plan level among those sectors applying SEA. 

Recommendations and actions have been developed as part of this Review which range from changes to governance through to provision of new guidance in key areas, training and awareness raising and data management. Successful implementation of the recommendations/actions will improve SEA effectiveness through better integration, more effective governance and more focused assessments.