Water Quality Monitoring Report on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Concentrations in Irish Waters 2021

This report provides an update on the results of water quality monitoring to support the assessment of the impact of the nitrate’s derogation on Irish waters, as required under Regulation 38 of the European Union (Good Agricultural Practices for the Protection of Waters) (Amendment) Regulations.

Summary: The data contained in this report finds that nitrate concentrations remain too high in rivers, groundwater and estuaries in the south east and along the southern seaboard. Nationally, although there has been year on year fluctuation in the average nitrate concentration, its apparent that average nitrate concentrations have increased in the last decade in all water types. Compared to a decade ago, on average, approximately an additional 6,000 tonnes of nitrogen is now being discharged to marine waters in the south east and along the southern seaboard of Ireland each year.

ND derogation cover 2021

Published: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-80009-079-8

Pages: 36

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