Water Quality in Ireland 2001-2003

Summary: The quality of rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal waters, ground waters and canals is discussed in this report.

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Published: 2005

ISBN: 1-84095-167-2

Pages: 232

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Scope of Report:

This report presents a review of water quality in the State in the years 2001-2003, based on measurements made in the period at some 3000 locations on 13,200 km of river and stream channel, on 492 lakes and 25 estuarine and coastal water areas and at some 300 groundwater sampling locations. While the figures for rivers, streams and tidal waters are similar to those in the previous reporting period (1998-2000), those for lakes and groundwaters represent a significant increase in the coverage of the measurements available for the current reporting period. Information on the water quality conditions in canals is also reviewed. These water quality data have been generated primarily by the ongoing surveys carried out by EPA and the local authorities and are complemented by those provided by a number of other bodies, in particular the Central Fisheries Board and the Marine Institute. The report also presents an account of the work undertaken to date by the EPA, local authorities and other bodies to implement the Water Framework directive, adopted by the EU in 2000 and incorporated into Irish law in 2003.