Guidance Note for Noise: Licence Applications, Surveys and Assessments in Relation to Scheduled Activities (NG4)

Summary: The NG4 guidance note was originally published in 2012, and this current update to NG4 was published in 2016. This revised Noise Guidance Note (NG4) is intended to assist licensed sites with the assessment of their potential and actual noise impact on the local environment. In all cases this revised version of NG4 should be applied by licensees and consultants.

Published: 2016

Pages: 82

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Format: pdf


The January 2016 update of this document provides additional information and clarifications as follows:

  • Updated guidance to reflect the publication of BS 4142: 2014;
  • Examples of circumstances where it may be appropriate to use detailed reference methods for the assessment of tonality and impulsivity;
  • Clarification of environmental noise survey durations and sample periods;
  • Guidance on the use of LAF90 in instances where extraneous noise sources may have an influence on measured LAeq values, and;
  • Inclusion of clarifications as required in light of queries addressed in the relevant FAQ document.