Climate Change – An Analysis of Aerosol Properties at Mace Head

Synthesis Report for the ERTDI-funded project: 2000-LS-5.3.2 M1

Summary: STRIVE Report 4 - S.G. Jennings et al.

Published: 2008

ISBN: 1-84095-259-8

Pages: 26

Filesize: 414 KB

Format: pdf


This work describes physico–chemical and radiative measurements taken at the Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station during the period from 2000 to 2003. The measurements are indicative of the medium- to long-term measurement programme at the site. These include mass concentration (mass per unit volume) of total suspended particulate (TSP), aerosol inorganic chemical species, aerosol scattering coefficient; aerosol absorption coefficient and aerosol optical depth. The relatively continuous nature of the measurement programme permitted both monthly and seasonal characteristics of aerosol parameters to be established.

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