Domestic Offsetting Scoping Study for Ireland

Climate Change Research Programme - CCRP Report 6

Summary: CCRP Report 6 - Siobhan O’Keeffe, Alyssa Gilbert and Kieran Lettice

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Published: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-84095-402-9

Pages: 37

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Ireland must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.Under the Kyoto Protocol Ireland’s, emissions in 2012 are limited to no more than 13% increase relative to a 1990 baseline. This Kyoto target will be met by a combination of emissions reductions and carbon sinksin Ireland, supplemented, as necessary, by the purchase of carbon credits. Further legally binding reductions, tobe achieved in steps by 2020, are now required under the EU Effort Sharing Decision (ESD) for emissionsfrom sectors not covered by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, that is the non-ETS sectors (e.g. agriculture, space heating, transport and waste). Emissions from these sectors must be reduced each year, starting in 2013 until a total reduction of 20% by 2020 is achieved.

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CCRP 6-Domestic Offsetting Scoping Study for Ireland