Research 222: The Development of an Irish Climate Information Platform (ICIP) – Phase 2

Authors: Barry O’Dwyer and Jeremy Gault

Summary: Research Report 222 on The Development of an Irish Climate Information Platform (ICIP) – Phase 2

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Published: 2017

ISBN: 978-1-84095-731-0

Pages: 48

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Identifying Pressures

Ireland’s climate is changing in line with global trends and these changes are expected to continue and intensify, posing significant threats to Ireland’s environment, society and economy. Due to the inertia within the climate system, which takes centuries to adjust to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs), the benefits of present and ongoing efforts to mitigate GHGs emissions will not be felt for centuries or more. Therefore, to prevent or minimise the adverse impacts of climate, planned and anticipatory adaptation to climate change and the impacts of these changes is urgently required. This needs to be underpinned and supported by the delivery of timely and accurate information on current climate conditions, projected changes in these, likely impacts and options for adaptation to decision makers all presented in a user-friendly way. In response and adopting a phased approach to development, the EPA-funded project Ireland’s Climate Information Platform (ICIP) has developed a climate information platform (CIP) prototype for Ireland to provide decision makers with a one-stop web-based resource of climate and adaptation information on Ireland (

Informing Policy

ICIP phase 1 (2010–2013) identified the best technical options for the design of a national CIP, established agreements with data holders, determined the needs of the end-user community and developed a CIP prototype. The production of ICIP Phase 2 (2013-2015) has built upon the existing CIP prototype, improved its usability and expanded its capabilities.

This has involved:

  • the redevelopment of the CIP prototype system architecture providing for the deployment of an enhanced, more dynamic and user-friendly interface;
  • the upgrading of the Climate Information Tool, a key resource within the CIP prototype, in terms of look and feel, through the inclusion of additional datasets (e.g. observed climate information) and the deployment of advanced data selection options;
  • the development of a Local Authority Adaptation Support Wizard that is specifically designed to support local authorities in developing their local area adaptation plans and by taking full advantage of and integrating the different sources of information made available through the CIP prototype;
  • on the basis of international experience, making recommendations in relation to further ICIP development.

Developing Solutions

The production of ICIP Phases 2 has further developed the existing CIP prototype (developed as part of ICIP Phase 1 activities (2010-2013)) to support planning for climate change adaptation at the local level and in accordance with the requirements of national climate policy.


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