Research 247: Protecting the North Atlantic Atmosphere: A Report on the Outcome of an International Meeting on the Twentieth Anniversary of the Second Aerosol

Authors: Leonard A. Barrie and Frank McGovern

Summary: The North Atlantic Ocean is flanked by four major continental regions, and is impacted by emissions from these regions, including those from the major conurbations and industrial regions, as well as by emissions from intercontinental and regional transport systems.

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Published: 2018

ISBN: 978-1-84095-773-0

Pages: 42

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Identifying Pressures

The North Atlantic region has unique vulnerabilities, including to the stability of key ocean cycles and to changes in major regional ice sheets. These are being impacted by emissions to the atmosphere from surrounding regions including from Europe, North Africa and North America. These influence air quality, weather and climate systems, and ocean and terrestrial ecosystems.

Informing Policy

A complex suite of regional and global policy responses has emerged that address a range of atmospheric protection issues. However, these are progressed in different policy frameworks that may not be optimally aligned and can give rise to analysis and response gaps.

Developing Solutions

The North Atlantic region is uniquely positioned to provide a focus to develop an integrated analysis of the causes and consequences of atmospheric change that addresses key scientific issues in an integrated manner and enables improved cross-policy support and actions.[1].jpg