The Essence of PIER

Winner of the EPA Researchers Awards 2021 Best Photograph

Summary: Overall Collage- Alexandra Chueiri, Pollution Photo- Blathnaid Mahon, Swimmer Photo- Aengus McMahon d. Beach Photo- Liam Burke

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Published: 2022

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This collage image illustrates a well-rounded summary of the PIER Project. The first photo shows the pollution plaguing several blue spaces, which could be damaging to humans who regularly utilise these areas around Ireland. The second photo depicts Liam, our co-PI, swimming around Blackrock, Galway. This embodies the spirit of some of our participants who are sea swimmers, surfers, kayakers, and other regular water users. The last photo of the beach represents all the blue spaces around Ireland that we encourage the safe use of. By researching potential antibiotic resistance of superbugs in the human gut of regular water users, we can ensure the safety of the Irish population and promote positive attitudes about Irish blue spaces.