Best Practices from the Environmental Implementation Review 2019 across the EU 28 Countries

Authors: Eileen O’Leary

Summary: This report aims to distil out the best practices from the 28-Country EU Environmental Implementation Review 2019 (EIR).

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Published: 2019

ISBN: 978-1-84095-873-7

Pages: 115

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Format: pdf



This report contains the “Examples of Good Practice” examples highlighted in the Commission reports, together with some additional good examples of best practice, as selected by the author. Where necessary, this has been supplemented with additional information from country sources to get a sense as to what each activity entails.

Report structure

The report is structured in sections, as follows:

Section A: Selected good practice highlights

65 selected highlights of good practice identified from those listed in Section B, and detailed in Section C.

Section B: List of good practice activities by theme

Following the themes and titles used in the Commission documents, the relevant best practice activities for each Member State are listed. This includes the best practice activities identified by the authors of the Commission’s EIRs, as well as additional best practices identified by the author of this report.

Section C: Detailed report on good practice activities

A more in-depth review on a country-by-country basis. Highlighted ‘good practice’ activities and initiatives are briefly described. For each country, this starts with those highlighted by the Commission (usually two or three points), and where relevant, then include additional best practices highlighted by the author of this report.