Summary of findings: STRIVE 107 - Biodegradable Plastic from Farm-waste Plastic

Summary: This summary report highlights the achievments of this project, which demonstrated the development of a technology for the conversion of post-consumer (farm) plastic into a biodegradable plastic.

Published: 2013

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Sustainable Ireland - converting waste plastic to biodegradable plastic

The EPA funded joint research at University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin has demonstrated the development of a technology for the conversion of post consumer (farm) plastic into a biodegradable plastic.  The investment in research has placed Ireland at the forefront of environmental technology development.

An integrated approach of reducing waste generation and developing integrated technologies for waste transformation can help Ireland to achieve sustainability.  This research reflects a policy and scientific focus in Ireland and worldwide on the management and transformation of waste into value added environmentally friendly products.
The technology developed in this project has been patented by the researchers Dr Kevin O Connor (UCD) and Dr Ramesh Babu (TCD). The project brought together academic and industry partners to address a key societal challenge of managing and valorising waste.  This demonstrating Ireland as a leader in Resource Efficiency and Green Technology.

A 2 page summary of findings can be downloaded on this page; for the full report, see