EPA Research 2030: A Framework for EPA Research 2021-2030

Authors: EPA

Summary: EPA Research 2030 is a ten-year high-level framework for the EPA's research programming (2021-2030), designed to be agile, responsive and flexible.

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Published: 2021

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EPA Research 2030 is a ten-year high-level framework for the EPA's research programming (2021-2030), designed to be agile, responsive and flexible. EPA-funded research is essential to:

  • Supporting the monitoring, assessment, reporting and regulatory activities of the EPA.
  • Generating evidence crucial in assisting Ireland in meeting its commitments and requirements under the various international, EU and national policies and strategies.
  • Generating the evidence base that supports decision making, behaviour change and policy development.
  • Addressing knowledge gaps, providing the evidence-base and responding to priority challenges.
  • Supporting multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder partnership projects.
  • Developing environmental research capacity in Ireland, recognising the importance of not only sustaining the research-base but also of building and training the researchers in specific areas.

Environmental policies must be underpinned by an in-depth level of knowledge that needs to be delivered through a systematic programme of environmental research and assessment. Research can play an important role by generating evidence that will support the design and implementation of effective and robust policy, evaluate its outcomes, and demonstrate its value. EPA Research 2030 will further our understanding of our environmental and natural systems. It will enable the outcomes from research to be put in action to protect and improve our natural and built environment.

EPA Research 2030 will generate evidence to support Ireland’s response to global challenges, including climate disruption and biodiversity loss, as well as support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It will be an enabler to informing and engaging with citizens and communities. This framework sets out the broad structure and ambition for the EPA research activity for the next ten years. It will be implemented through Annual Research Calls and supporting thematic Research Areas Assessments, which will be developed in partnership with key stakeholders and at regular intervals to ensure ongoing relevance (at least three cycles over the ten years). EPA Research 2030 implementation will also be supported by Action Plans, Communication and Knowledge Transfer plans, as well as Performance Reviews.