Evidence Synthesis Report 4: Land Use Review: Fluxes, Scenarios and Capacity Synthesis Report

Authors: Eamon Haughey, David Styles, Matthew Saunders, Ruth Bennett Coady and James Moran

Summary: Land use in Ireland is dominated by grasslands, with significant areas of forestry and wetland, which are not distributed evenly across the country. Changes to Irelands climate have already been observed and are projected to increase over the coming decades, impacting the land system. AFOLU in Ireland is a substantial GHG source and achieving net-zero GHG emissions targets for the sector by 2050 will be very challenging. Measures considered in this report include afforestation, peatland restoration and optimised livestock production. Land based climate mitigation measures may result in trade-offs for biodiversity and water quality, the avoidance of which require an integrated approach to land management.

Report cover 4

Published: 2023

ISBN: 978-1-80009-095-8

Pages: 33

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Format: pdf


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