Acquisition Of Essential Data For Assessments Of Carbon Sequestration By Soils

Final report from the ERTDI project: 2001 S/CD-(3/3)

Summary: STRIVE 58 - Michael H.B. Hayes, Corinna J.M.P. Byrne, Julieta A. Ferreira, Etelvino H. Novotny, Guixue Song


Published: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-84095-370-1

Pages: 37

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The major aim of this project was to provide seminal information about the nature and associations of the organic matter (OM) in Irish soils and in drainage waters with a view to establishing the extent to which Irish soils could act as sinks for carbon. It was hoped that the data could lead to the establishment of workable models for carbon sequestration in soils.

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