CréBeo Soil Biodiversity Project

Baseline Data, Response to Pressures, Functions and Conservation of Keystone Micro- and Macro-Organisms in Irish Soils

Summary: STRIVE 67 - Olaf Schmidt, Aidan M. Keith, Julio Arroyo, Tom Bolger, Bas Boots, John Breen, Nicholas Clipson, Fiona M. Doohan, Christine T. Griffin, Christina Hazard and Robin Niechoj


Published: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-84095-388-6

Pages: 51

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Format: pdf


European and national policy developments on soil protection and conservation of biological diversity (biodiversity) have exposed knowledge gaps that need to be addressed by research. Soils are among the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth and, in turn, many ecosystem services provided by soils (such as nutrient cycling, waste degradation, pest and disease suppression, carbon storage) depend on the activity of these diverse organisms. However, systematic and specific information is limited on the organisms that live in Irish soils, their response to environmental pressures and their roles in soil processes.

By increasing the scientific knowledge and research capability in soil biodiversity in Ireland, this project has:

  • Informed sustainable soil protection strategies; and
  • Enhanced our understanding of biological diversity in Irish soils, a priority under the National Biodiversity Plan.

High print resolution final report can be downloaded here