Summary Of Findings (EPA Research 130): Irish Soils Information System

Summary Of Findings (EPA Research 130): Irish Soils Information System: Rachel Creamer, Reamonn Fealy, Stephen Hallett, Jack Hannam, Nick Holden, Bob Jones, Thomas Mayr, Iolanda Simo, Rogier Schulte

Summary: The overall objective of the Irish Soils Information System project was to conduct a programme of structured research into the national distribution of soil types and construct a soil map, at 1:250,000 scale, which would identify and describe the soils according to a consistent national legend.

Published: 2014

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The Irish Soils Information System project has used existing data and maps from the previous National Soil Survey (NSS) conducted by An Foras TalĂșntais (AFT) (forerunner organisation to Teagasc). The NSS produced: mapping at 1:126,720 scale for 44% of the country; a General Soil Map of Ireland and a National Peatland map, both at 1:575,000 scale; and other miscellaneous large-scale mapping of experimental farms. In addition, the Irish Soils Information System has included more recent map products, such as the Indicative Soil Map (1:150,000) and Subsoil mapping (1:50,000) (Fealy and Green, 2009) with national coverage using GIS and remote-sensing techniques.

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