Research Report 186: The Development of a Model to Ascertain Future Levels of Historic WEEE Arising (Historic WEEE)

Authors: Michael Johnson and Colin Fitzpatrick

Summary: Using a range of data sources including census data, historical WEEE audits and comprehensive sampling this project employed material flow analysis and statistical methods (Weibull Probability Density Function) to estimate future return rates of historical WEEE.

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Published: 2016

ISBN: 978-1-84095-664-1

Pages: 58

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This project has developed and validated a model to ascertain the current and futurelevels of historic WEEE which is arising at collection and treatment facilities in Ireland. It provides reliable estimations on the rates of generation of Irish historical WEEE from the period 2000 to 2020. The model predictions were validated using WEEE Return Stream sampled data for the year 2015 and recommendations made for further sampling processes going forward.

Identify Pressures

Based on modelled outcomes, this project has identified pressures in the WEEE recycling system based on the historic WEEE versus non-historic WEEE splits as well as the predicted volumes of historic WEEE arising entering return streams up to 2020

Informing Policy

The outputs of this project may be used to inform policy on WEEE financing and to support logistics and treatment requirements planning into the future. These include, but are not limited to, the financing of WEEE Recycling in Ireland, compliance with the WEEE Directive, planning recycling requirements and improving resource efficiency.

Developing Solutions

This project has produced a range of estimates for the future generation of historic WEEE in Ireland across the range of consumer EEE considered in the scope of the project. Quantifiable, empiricalfigures and predictions are now available for the Irish WEEE market, reflecting the idiosyncrasies ofthe market. A detailed sampling methodology has also been provided, enabling the model projectionsto be updated on an annual basis.[1].jpg