Spent Mushroom Compost Management and Options for Use

Final Report for the STRIVE-funded project: 2007-FS-WRM-12-S5

Summary: STRIVE Report 74 - Siobhán N. Jordan, Laura B. Holland and Suzanne U. Linnane

strive 74

Published: 2012

ISBN: 978-1-84095-398-5

Pages: 61

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A detailed study on the use of spent mushroom compost to remediate acidic mine drainage in a constructed wetlands trial was completed. The results of the small-scale greenhouse trial have shown the promising capacity of the SMC anaerobic wetland to neutralise the acidic sulphur enriched drainage, sustain the buffering capacity of the system over an extended period of time and satisfactorily remove high levels of heavy metals from the contaminated mine drainage.

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