Eutrophication from Agricultural Sources - Integrated Report

ERTDI Report 81 (Carton et al.)

Summary: Integrated Report for the project: 2000-LS-2-M2. Authors: O.T. Carton, H. Tunney, K. Daly, M. Ryan, I. Kurz, D. Doody, D. Bourke, G. Kiely, G. Morgan, R. Moles, P. Jordan, D. Ryan, K. Irvine, E. Jennings, W.L. Magette, M. Bruen, J. Mulqueen, M. Rodgers, P. Johnston and P. Bartley

Published: 2008

ISBN: 1-84095-254-7

Pages: 31

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Format: pdf


The objective of this large-scale integrated research project was to supply scientific data to underpin appropriate measures or actions that might be used in the implementation of national policy for reducing P and nitrogen (N) losses to waters from agricultural sources

The results:

  • identified the importance of considering a range of soil physical and chemical characteristics in the development of measures for managing nutrient losses from agriculture to water;
  • suggested the need to focus more targeted mitigation measures in high-risk areas for nutrient loss from agriculture to water;
  • underpinned the basis of existing advice and measures for reducing nutrient losses from agriculture to water, i.e. the importance of avoiding P and N inputs in excess of agronomic requirements.