Norovirus in wastewater and shellfisheries- Summary of findings

STRIVE 109 - Bill Dore, John Flannery, Sinead Keaveney, Paulina Rajko-Neneow

Summary: This project looks at the effect of waste waster discharges containing Norovirus on shelfish

Published: 2014

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Norovirus is a leading cause of gastroenteritis in humans. This report describes the survival of Norovirus (NoV) through wastewater treatment, in the aquatic environment, and subsequent uptake in oysters. As NoV cannot be grown, recently developed molecular methods were used to determine NoV concentrations in wastewater and oysters. Results obtained using these molecular tools were placed in context by comparing with them with results for a surrogate virus for which an infectivity assay was available. The project increases our knowledge of the impact of NoV in wastewater effluent in shellfisheries in Ireland.