Corine Land Cover data for Ireland

Summary: The CORINE Land Cover data is a valuable benchmark for Ireland and over time it will help to monitor overall changes in Ireland’s environment. A North-South project on land cover in cross-border areas has also been completed.

Published: 2012


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Executive Summary

The Corine Land Cover (CLC) inventory is a Pan-European landuse and landcover mapping programme. It supplies spatial data on the state of the European environmental landscape and how it is changing over time. Based on the interpretation of satellite imagery, CLC provides national scale maps of landcover and landcover change on a six year basis for thirty nine countries in Europe. The data series are used in a wide range of social and environmental applications by the varioius national environmental agencies, private companies, environmental researchers and academics. The fact that it is a pan-European dataset means it is useful for policy-making and for comparative environmental analysis and assessment throughout Europe. Corine 2012, the fourth instalment in the series is now complete, alongside to base years of 1990, 2000 and 2006.

The CLC2012 project in Ireland is being run by the EPA and forms part of the CLC2012 update for the whole of Europe which is co-ordinated by the European Environment Agency. The series from 1990 to 2006 charted the rapid growth and expansion of modern Ireland through the economic boom. The 2012 datasets dispalys a slowing of growth in relation to artifical surfaces.

The 1990, 2000 (Revised), 2000 (Level 6), 2006 (Revised), 2012 dataset plus Landcover Change data and the 2009 GMES soil sealing layer are available free of charge and can be downloaded from the EPA Geoportal (

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