Publications & Reports

rss ‌This section contains documents and reports classified into subsections:

  • Air – containing reports on air monitoring, quality, emissions, and emission trading
  • Waste – containing documents on waste statistics, waste management, waste prevention, etc
  • Water – containing documents on rivers, lakes, drinking water, groundwater, wastewater, etc.
  • Land  – containing reports on soil and land
  • Biodiversity - containing reports on biodiversity
  • Enforcement - containing reports on enforcement activities 
  • Radiation - containing reports on radiation
  • Research – containing research project reports
  • Environmental Indicators - containing information on Ireland's environment
  • Green Business - containing information on green business topics, for more topic related publications please refer to the Green Business Website which is funded and supported by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Other – contains corporate documents (e.g. annual reports), reports on environmental topics (e.g. GMOs) and other miscellaneous reports.

EPA Publications List

View the latest EPA publications list (updated monthly)

Purchasing publications or reports

Any publications which are available in hard copy can be purchased on-line from their individual page or by contacting our publications office:

Publications Office,
PO Box 3000,
Johnstown Castle Estate,

Telephone: 053-9160600